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How digital is your conveyancing?


Welcome to the first major survey of digital conveyancing capabilities to help conveyancers in England and Wales to understand just how digitally advanced their practices are… or aren’t. Complete your free assessment and we’ll provide you with a personalised report showing how your business is doing and benchmarking your results against the industry average and the average scores from the legal organisations you’re affiliated with.

Then you can use your bespoke report and the data however you want: justify the tech investment you need, sleep better at night knowing you’re not being left behind, ask for that raise, or just rib your competitors down the pub. It’s a comprehensive survey delivered in an easy-to-use multiple-choice format which should take less than 10 mins to complete. Your data and your individual score will not be shared with anyone else.

Digital Conveyancing Maturity Questions

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OK, let’s get you started… please answer these questions as honestly and accurately as you can. If you can’t find the perfect answer, don’t worry, just go with whatever you feel most closely represents the way you do things. There are only five sections and at the end of the survey we’ll ask you for you and your firm’s details, but rest assured we will not share your individual data with anyone other than you. Good luck…

1. General Info

How many people work at your firm in total including any consultant solicitors/conveyancers?(Required)
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