An insight into YOUR firm’s digital capability

The Digital Conveyancing Maturity Index helps law firms assess their digital capabilities and, most importantly, understand where opportunities exist to optimise their conveyancing process.


The pace of change in this industry is now more rapid than ever before: AI is now becoming part of the day-to-day rather than the stuff of science fiction. Digital IDs have all but replaced traditional documents, and cross-platform document sharing is delivering new efficiency opportunities.


Standing still just isn’t an option. Which is why this year’s index has been updated, and scoring rebased to reflect industry change.

Five minutes is all it takes to access a free, personalised analysis of your firm’s digital conveyancing maturity, helping to answer key questions such as:

  • Are we using digital tools as well as – or better than – our competitors?
  • What are other firms doing that we could be missing out on?
  • What gaps exist in our current processes that could leave us open to risk?
  • How can we leverage new technologies, such as AI and digital document sharing to deliver greater value for our clients?

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